With your gift, we can help make strides in the ongoing efforts to find a cure for canine cancer. Donations to Dozer’s Run 5K and Summers Charity currently benefit the Veterinary Oncology Services Research Center in West Chester, PA.

Donation Proceeds

Veterinary Comparative Oncology Research Foundation (VCORF)

VCORF studies the spontaneously occurring cancers in pets as models of their human counterparts to better understand their etiologies, both environmental and genetic. This results in methods of cancer prevention in both populations. In addition to investigation of current and novel therapies in pets, epidemiological studies of the relationship between the environment and disease are investigated. Because pets are intimately associated with humans sharing the same environment, the prevalence of cancer in these animals makes them ideal models for human cancer.

Research & Clinical Trials

VCORF conducts clinical trials of innovative cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, molecular therapy, and radiation. These trials are open to patients afflicted with disease and who may benefit from these treatments. We strive to develop both humane and effective treatments of cancer in companion animals, which may be transitional to improving disease management in humans and animals.

The VCORF Fund for Patient Care

To provide funding for companion animal patients who may not otherwise receive treatment due to financial hardship. These cases would be deemed appropriate for sponsorship based upon need and potential for disease management, as to be decided by the VCORF board of directors. This would include funding for diagnostics, cancer therapies, and surgical procedures.