About Us

Dozer’s Run 5K is an annual event hosted by Summers Charity to provide funding for canine cancer research. Summers Charity is an organization created by Roger and Stacie Summers after the passing of our best four-legged friend, Dozer, to cancer.

Dozer the dog
Dozer's Run - Supporting Canine Cancer Research

We were unaware of the rate of which cancer strikes our canine loved ones, but on December 24, 2019 we had to make the decision to let our Black Labrador, Bulldozer, go. One week prior, Dozer started to act like there was something wrong. As a senior, he had naturally slowed down, but within ten days of suspecting something serious we had to say goodbye to our best buddy. 

Dozer’s Run 5K is our way of honoring our best friend while also providing support to the Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center as they work to eradicate canine cancer.

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About Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center

Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center (VOSRC) is the first privately-owned veterinary cancer hospital in the hospital with a research facility. Created to provide patients with the most advanced, industry-leading pet cancer treatments, VOSRC’s team includes nationally and internationally recognized professionals.

Learn more about Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center in West Chester, PA by visiting their website.

Our Mission

We are starting this run in the hopes that it will continue annually so that we can help make a difference in the race for the cure for canine cancer. If along the way we help bring awareness that will be amazing! We hope to grow each year and maybe venture out to help with treatment and care of those animals and families that need aid.